Since 1980, iWeiss has been serving the Entertainment and construction industries offering a wide range of products and services.  These include design/build work, manual and automated rigging installations, stage machinery and custom auditorium & stage drapery. 

Working in both new construction and historical restoration, with our own line of stage machinery, skilled sewers and mechanics and access to exceptional digital printing -  we are able to offer both custom solutions to specific problems as well as fulfilling the design requirements of architects and consultants.

Our staff brings a wide knowledge base along with a commitment to excellence in the execution and management of projects from large to small. 

In the end - at iWeiss – we believe it is all about you.

Star Drops

Star Drops

The options for fiber optic star drops are virtually endless. From a random night sky, to a specific constellation, or a custom design such as a logo or skyline - anything is possible. Our standard star drop is fabricated with black Crescent Velour or black Commando Cloth with lining, and a random star spread of 3.125 points per square foot. The drop is finished with hidden webbing, grommets and ties on all sides. The lining is attached and removable with Velcro® on all four sides. - Learn more

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Product Spotlight - Line-Shaft

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iWeiss', US manufactured, line-shaft consists of modular drums with tubular or solid drive shafts connecting to a single gearmotor with a primary brake.  The cable drums can be supplied as helically grooved or pile-ons for the specified travel requirements, allowing for a multi-line vertical lift.   As with all iWeiss machinery, the line-shafts are designed with an 8:1 safety factor and redundant braking.  Other standard safety features are a 4-cam rotary limit swith, E-stop system and hold to run operation controls. Each drum has a compression pinch roller to maintain cable placement.  All line-shafts can be specified for a lifting capacity of 100 lbs. to 10,000 lbs., multiple lift lines at fiixed or variable speeds.  Soft start/stop is standard on all iWeiss equipment, as is supplied service requirements of 120v 20 amps on systems up to 1.5 Hp, three phase required beyond.

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