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The ViaControl family is a standard system which can control the entire Via product line. At its heart sits two control station options, a single axis controller and a multi axis controller capable of operating 2-8 axes. The entire system is designed to run on 120 volt single phase power and a complete 8 axis system can be wired to a single 20 amp circuit. The ViaControl line also offers stand along control capability without the need for a control station. Every system includes a category 0 safety system, 2 maintained E-Stop buttons and momentary up/down buttons. 


ViaControl Max

The ViaControl is designed for the most basic control of a small (up to 8 axes) run to limits automation system, while the Viacontrol Max is meant to give a very economical way to operate the largest automation systems with extended capabilities.  The “Max” can control a virtually unlimited number of machines while maintaining simple run to limits control and provides the user feedback such as: Live Load, Full System Load, Limit status, Disconnect Sense and global fault monitoring.  The Max also allows for variable speed movement, all controlled from an easy to use touchscreen and iWeiss standard push button pendant


Alévo Controller

Whether you're operating a set of show cues or using the system backstage in a maintenance/utility role, the ALÉVO Control Software offers a scalable option for accurate control of virtually any automated machine. With handheld, wall-mount and desktop control consoles available, features include: absolute encoder positioning, axis status monitoring, variable speed operation, load sensing, slack line detection and many others.  



IT Awards LogoViaWinch is a self-contained motorized winch with an 8:1 safety factor designed for overhead lifting with primary motor brake.  It is rated for various line pulls utilizing a ¼” drive line on a grooved aluminum drum with a travel of 40’ and a range of speeds to suit all your lifting needs.  An on-board starter cabinet allows the use of a plug-in pendant for operation, soft start/soft stop and a power requirement of 120v 20 amps at the winch.  ViaWinch is specifically constructed to be mounted in various orientations for a variety of uses, including a deck winch, clew-winch, or grid-mounted point hoist. With its compact size and weight it is a portable unit.



The ViaTraveler is a zero fleet winch designed for moving horizontal loads up to 60 feet. This unit has been specifically manufactured to work in conjunction with all standard stage curtain tracks. Its zero fleet capability permits close placement of unit to pulleys and eliminates concern with fleet angles. Its closed loop design allows for bi-direction motion of any horizontal movement. In addition ViaTraveler can be installed in 4 different orientations and has one of the smallest cubic areas on the market.  


Sound Control Banner System

The SoundControl Banner System is the newest product in iWeiss' automation line. The SoundControl is a roll banner that can be supplied in single or multiple panel lengths. The unit's base is a steel frame featuing mouting positions for structural or surface mount to various exetrior finishes. 



PileHoist is a yo-yo drum winch that comes in various configurations of lift lines, speeds and loads.  Taking into account the installation process, we pre-wire and test our winches to insure proper operation and minimize field time. Regardless of the device being fixed or variable speed, the drive cabinet comes pre-installed.



ViaLift is a self-climbing hoist that eliminates the need of scaffolding or lifts to access your lighting units. With a push of a button the entire unit comes to you.  The ViaLift can be manufactured with battens up to 34 feet and vertical travel of up to 40 feet. 12 lighting circuits are available with standard models and all electrical devices are UL listed. The ViaLift is patent protected and a 'made in the USA device'. 



iWeiss', US manufacgturered, line-shaft consists of modular drums with tubular or solid drive shafts connecting to a single gearmotor with a primary brake.  The cable drums can be supplied as helically grooved or pile-ons for the specified travel requirements, allowing for a multi-line vertical lift.  Tthe line-shafts are designed with an 8:1 safety factor and redundant braking.  Each drum has a compression pinch roller to maintain cable placement.  All line-shafts can be specified for a lifting capacity of 100 lbs. to 10,000 lbs., multiple lift lines at fiixed or variable speeds.  Soft start/stop is standard on all iWeiss equipment, as is supplied service requirements of 120v 20 amps on systems up to 1.5 Hp, three phase required beyond. 

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