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The ViaControl family is a standard system which can control the entire Via product line. At its heart sits two control station options, a single axis controller and a multi axis controller capable of operating 2-8 axes. The entire system is designed to run on 120 volt single phase power and a complete 8 axis system can be wired to a single 20 amp circuit. The ViaControl line also offers stand along control capability without the need for a control station. Every system includes a category 0 safety system, 2 maintained E-Stop buttons and momentary up/down buttons. 


ViaControl Max

The ViaControl is designed for the most basic control of a small (up to 8 axes) run to limits automation system, while the Viacontrol Max is meant to give a very economical way to operate the largest automation systems with extended capabilities.  The “Max” can control a virtually unlimited number of machines while maintaining simple run to limits control and provides the user feedback such as: Live Load, Full System Load, Limit status, Disconnect Sense and global fault monitoring.  The Max also allows for variable speed movement, all controlled from an easy to use touchscreen and iWeiss standard push button pendant


Alévo Controller

Whether you're operating a set of show cues or using the system backstage in a maintenance/utility role, the ALÉVO Control Software offers a scalable option for accurate control of virtually any automated machine. With handheld, wall-mount and desktop control consoles available, features include: absolute encoder positioning, axis status monitoring, variable speed operation, load sensing, slack line detection and many others.  

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