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Lighting Hoist

How Does it Work?

  • Components: Each packaged lighting hoist consists of an aluminum main frame containing a cable collector and motorized winch, with electrical connector strip, raceway, or dimmer stick as specified, and a stage pipe batten for mounting your lighting fixtures. The ViaLift can be customized to your specific needs.
  • Installation: The ViaLift has four individual 7x19 cables that mount directly to the building structure. Appropriate mounting hardware is included. The ViaLift's cable collector - fitted above the main unit - carries power and control for both lighting and lift. This is easily connected to your building's system by an electrical contractor.
  • Control: For smaller installations of one to four units we recommend a key operated receptacle panel with a hand-held pendent which operates one unit at a time. For larger installations we also offer a touch screen computer system which allows the user to group units together and operate them at the same time. Multiple positions for each lift can be pre-set.
  • Quality:
    • The ViaLift is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.
    • Meets all NFPA Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery.
    • Submittal drawings and specifications are available upon request.
    • One year limited factory warranty.
    • Yearly inspection by factory authorized technician is available.

A self-climbing hoist - why?

If you are a school, house of worship, or theater in need of theatrical or architectural lighting instruments, but your ceiling or building structure is not accessible - then the ViaLift is for you.

The ViaLift raises and lowers lighting instruments very simply at the touch of a button, thereby eliminating the need for lifts, ladders, catwalks, and expensive crew time for simple lighting maintenance work.

All Inclusive Packages

I.Weiss is a full service rigging company working on projects all over the US. For your convenience and peace of mind our project managers will survey your site, help you design the ViaLift units that are best suitable for your situation, and then install it for you.

ViaLift Projects

First Baptist Church - Madison, MS

24' ViaLift above Balcony Seating
24' ViaLift above Balcony Seating

Yeshiva of Flatbush

ViaLift Installed
ViaLift Installed

Woodbury High School - Woodbury, MN

Courtesy of Gopher Stage Lighting
Courtesy of Gopher Stage Lighting
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