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The SoundControl Stacker System is the newest product in iWeiss' automation line. The Stacker System is an acoustic banner that can be supplied as a single panel over the full width of the banner.  The unit's base is a steel frame featuring mounting locations on all sides for attachment to structure or various exterior finishes. Our Stacker System is completely constructed in-house from fabric panels to mechanical and controls. All systems are fully tested prior to shipment and can be purchased for delivery or furnished and installed by iWeiss field staff.  

Quick Specifications

  • Banners up to 60' wide
  • 120v/5amp or 230v/5amp (25' or wider)
  • 23oz Synthetic Velour or 26oz Wool Serge  (call for color cards)
  • 3 or 6 inch between layers
  • 11 or 15 inch between seams
  • 0 - 50' Vertical Travel
  • Custom Sizes Avaailable!


  • Symmetrical Unit Design
  • Easy Limit Settings
  • Universal Mounting Positions
  • Standard and Custom Colors
  • Acoustic Testing Data Available
  • Internal Leveling
  • Easy Motor Access
  • Absolute Encoder Position
  • Controlled by a Standard Ethernet Cable


  • Custom Outfitting Available
  • Roller Systems Available
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