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T-Drum Winch

T-Drum Winch, is a U.S. manufactured multi-line drum winch. This winch is designed with an 8:1 safety factor and engineered for 2 to 6 lift lines. Utilizing 1/4" air craft cable on a 12" helically grooved drum with pinch roller and travel capable of up to 75ft of travel per line.

T-Drum comes as a standard welded steel frame unit, gearmotor with primary brake, and a secondary load brake. Safety features are two 4-cam rotary limit switches allowing for ultimate positions, up/down and four mid positions, options are available for an absolute encoder for constant positioning control. Our standard soft start/stop motor control starter cabinet is supplied and any of our control stations are available for user interface control.

All machine components are completely enclosed inside a steel plate and tube welded frame with universal mounting holes for various installation orientations while allowing all controls to be easily accessible in any mounting position.

Quick Specifications:

  • Working Load Limit: up to 3,500 lbs (pending number of lift lines)
  • Lift Lines: 2 - 6 (1/4" x 7 x 19 wire rope)
  • Speed: Soft Start/Stop up to 30 ft/min.
  • Drum: 12" grooved helically drum with 75ft travel capacity per line
  • Limits: Two 4-Cam rotary for multiple position control 
  • Brakes: Motor Brake
  • Power: 120 VAC, 20A up to 1.5 Hp (208/480 beyond)
  • Unit Dimensions: 75" wide (max) x 19" deep x 31" tall
  • Attachments: Base angles/side angles, and pipe frame
  • Unit Weight: 850 lbs. 
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