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ViaWinch is a self-contained motorized winch with an 8:1 safety factor designed for overhead lifting with redundant braking. It is rated for various line pulls utilizing a ¼" drive line on a grooved drum with a travel of 70' and a range of speeds to suit all your lifting needs. An on-board starter cabinet allows the use of a plug-in pendant for operation, soft start/soft stop and a power requirement of 120v 20 amps at the winch. ViaWinch is specifically constructed to be mounted in various orientations for a variety of uses, including a deck winch, clew-winch, or grid-mounted point hoist. With its compact size and weight it is a portable unit.  

Additional options include incorporating a standard clew with up to (10) ¼" lift lines or a double purchase clew allowing for up to (6) lift lines with a total overall travel of 140' at a WLL of up to 500 lbs.

All machine components are completely enclosed inside a welded steel plate frame with mounting holes on the unit’s base, front and rear. 


  • Drive Cable:  1/4” Wire Rope
  • Travel Distance:  70ft
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): up to 1,000 lbs (see base models)
  • Speed:  Up to 120ft/min
  • Frame:  Self contained steel unit, universal mounting positions, integrated guide cable attachment
  • Dimensions: 28”L x 24”w x 14”D
  • Power:  120V 20A Single Phase Service



  • Safety: Helical gearing, 4- cam rotary limits, redundant braking rated to 200% of load, integrated E-stop system
  • Compatibilities: Overhead lifting, deck movement, point hoist, portable
  • Control: Momentary push button with latching E-Stop, fixed speed, soft start/stop with all single phase models.
  • All drive cabinets and control stations are UL Listed. 



  • 3-Phase input available
  • Power available via standard Edison plug or hardwired   
  • 6” or 8” drum (travel distance of 40' or 70')
  • Available with eight axis control station

Custom configurations available.

Base Models Line Pull Speed
VWH-1-37-800 800 lbs 37 ft/min (7 in/sec)
VWH-1-30-1000 1,000 lbs 30 ft/min (6 in/sec)
VWH-1-1-500 500 lbs 1 ft/sec


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