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Live Nation Amphitheaters

In Amphitheaters lawn seating areas remain empty during smaller concerts. Although this is intentional the appearance of emptiness is not. By blocking these areas from view a "sold out" comfortable setting can be created.

In accordance with Live Nation's mission to provide the best possible concert experience to the performing artists and their fans iWeiss was contracted to design and install a motorized space reduction system along the perimeter of the ceiling structure of several Live Nation amphitheaters. The system consists of multiple motorized trusses with black spandex banners near the outer edge of each seating bay, blocking outer seating and lawn areas from view, thus visually closing in the theater and creating a more intimate space.

The greatest difficulty in designing a banner system for amphitheaters is that it has to hold up to windy outdoor conditions. We shaped and spaced the banners in a way that leaves enough open space for wind to pass through but covers enough area to still provide the desired masking effect. In order to accommodate the heavy-duty equipment needed to lift a 100' truss over a vertical distance of 40' in the limited overhead space available, we custom designed a 6 to 1 clew and pulley system operated by a screw jack motor which allows for a 6' lift for every 1' of clew travel. This set up is not only compact but also extremely strong. It can hold 10,000 lbs and withstand wind pull of at least 35 mph.

The banners are stored in a black fabric pocket along the truss when not in use. To set them up the trusses are brought in, the pockets are opened and the banners unraveled. They are then attached with ball bungees to specific seats or handrails (as available) and stretched to the desired tension and shape by flying the truss back out. There is a pre-set limit to prevent over-tensioning.

This whole process will take three men only 20 minutes per truss. Very simple and effective.

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