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Why Use Digital Printing?

Digital printing may not necessarily be right for every situation or application. But there are certain advantages that should be considered.

Quick Turnaround Time
Digitally printed backdrops can be produced with a fast turn around time.

Resolution & Quality
Digital fabric images offer photo-realistic resolution and brilliant colors. They are non-reflective, which facilitates lighting.

Printed fabric images have a long life. They can be hung, stored and re-hung many times without affecting the quality of the image.

Multiple Reproductions
Since your fabric images exist as a print file, the reproduction of your printed backdrop or banner is easy and quick.

Image Manipulation & Replication
Images can be easily manipulated before they are being printed. A proof on the chosen material will be supplied for approval prior to printing. Patterns and motifs can be replicated precisely to match various components of a set.

Choice of Materials
There are a great variety of materials we generally use for printing, ranging from cotton and synthetic fabrics to projection screen and PVC flooring. But in the end, we can print on almost anything, even Venetian Blinds.

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