Motorized Arena Masking

It is a common problem for arenas: Smaller events attract smaller crowds and entire seating sections remain empty. In order to provide the comfort of a smaller venue and the appearance of a sold out arena those seating sections need to be masked. But putting up conventional masking curtains in an arena can be a time consuming and difficult task with less than attractive results.

Our Motorized Multipurpose Banners are an excellent alternative. They can be custom designed to fit your style and space. They will look to the audience and cameras like they belong, while effectively camouflaging empty seating areas. Dramatic angles or a simple configuration, our designers can work with you to create the look just right for you.

The banners are fabricated of stretchable fabrics that meet all fire codes. They can have solid colors to match the color scheme of your arena, be printed with patterns, images, or text, or be used as projection surfaces.

You can now have a masking system that can function as an attractive background or additional space for advertising. Let us help you find an attractive and practical solution for your needs.

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Drapery Motorized Arena Masking