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Fire Safety Curtains

Most cities and states require a proscenium fire safety curtain in theaters, school auditoriums and other public performance spaces.

There are two basic types available. Which one is right for your space depends on the size of your theater, your stage architecture, and your local building and fire codes. We design and install complete fire safety curtain systems including all necessary rigging equipment, as well as most supplemental steel.


Straight Lift Curtain

A Straight Lift Fire Curtain is used in theaters where the area above the proscenium is equal to or greater than the overall height of the proscenium (standard fly loft). The curtain is stored as a straight panel above the proscenium.

This type of curtain is usually rigged for manual operation using counterweight or a winch. Motorization is possible.

Brail Lift Curtain

In theaters where the space above the proscenium is less than the proscenium opening a brail curtain is used. This curtain is stored in "small folds" in a accordion-like manner (similar to a Venetian Curtain), which takes up the least amount of space. This type of curtain requires a brail winch for lifting. The winch is usually motorized, but can be manual if necessary.


Fire Safety Fabric

Our fire safety curtains are made of high temperature coated fiberglass material. They meet or exceed most if not all current standard building codes. This material is available in beige or black. Where necessary a stainless steel wire will be woven into the cloth for added strength.

Applicable Codes:

  • UBC
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • BOCAI/BOCA National
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