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Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be treated?
The New York Fire Department Regulations apply to decorative material in all public buildings including theaters, public halls, department stores, hotels, buildings used for public assembly or amusement, and schools.

How often does this need to be done?
By NYC law, affidavits issued are valid for one year, after which time the material needs to be tested. If the fabric is still flame resistant, the affidavit can be renewed for another year. After a total of three years, the fabric must be treated again. In addition, excess movement and handling (i.e tours), washing, dry-cleaning or painting will affect the flame retardancy of the material and may make additional treatments necessary.

What are the guidelines for treatment?
The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has set guidelines for the fire protection of all fabrics. These guidelines are known as NFPA 701 and interpreted by each municipal fire department. Our methods meet and exceed these standards.

Can all materials be treated?
No. Certain synthetics will not hold the chemical. Also, there is a possibility the flameproofing compound will affect the color or quality of some delicate fabrics. If you are interested in having us treat a material we are not familiar with, send us a swatch and we will be happy to test it at no charge.

What about Inherently Flame Retardant Materials? 
Review important information about IFR materials.

Are the chemicals dangerous?
NO. The chemicals we use are non-toxic and odorless. The chemical may drip slightly when drying. We recommend that drapes dry for at least 12 hours after treatment. We will be happy to supply Material Safety Data Sheets on all products we use.

Can I treat applicable materials myself?
Yes and No. You can treat many items yourself. iWeiss can supply you with chemicals and sprayers for flameproofing, but by law, we cannot issue an affidavit. If your fire department requested a legal affidavit of flameproofing you will need to hire a professional flameproofing contractor like iWeiss to conduct the treatment.

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