It seems obvious, but quality product is paramount to staying in business and IWEISS is top of the line in this industry when it comes to quality product. Good customer service is equally imperative. Product is everything, but if customer service is bad, people go elsewhere and that can ultimately affect the bottom line.  Being on the receiving end of bad customer service is no fun. I’d recently dealt with a vendor who had terrible customer service, rarely responded to my emails, never took my phone calls and when they would finally respond, I was met with indifference, no sense of urgency and left me feeling like I was bothering them. (?!)  Needless to say, once we acquired the product we purchased I will not be reaching out to them in the future and will take my business elsewhere. 

Every customer is important, regardless if they need a couple of pipe clamps, or an entire theatre system installed. I had a customer who purchased a pipe grid from us and the shipment arrived late with pieces missing. (You can’t find good shipping these days, but that’s another blog post!) We quickly remedied the situation and the customer, while initially frustrated, he understood it was beyond our control and appreciated the steps I took to remedy the situation. He was ultimately very pleased with the product and customer service and has reached out to purchase other items. This scenario is not uncommon within our company. We truly do care about our customer’s satisfaction. Besides, customer retention is less expensive than customer acquisition.

Sharon Dusek
Chicago Project Coordinator

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