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Stephens Auditorium at Iowa State University

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Forty Five years ago, Iowa State University commissioned Japanese artist Ryokichi Mikai to create a work of art that would serve as the Main House Curtain for the Stephens Auditoium.

Woven in Japan, it took 7 people working four months to complete the “Silver Code” a woven masterpiece. 3,500 Curtain calls later there was urgent need for cleaning and restoration to preserve this work of art. The University, in conjunction with the state,  hired a textile conservationist to work on the cleaning. They then called on iWeiss to consult  and complete the restoration.  Misha Sturtevant, iWeiss Drapery Production Manager did a site survey and analysis and returned 2 months later with a crew of 4 from our shop. The massive 80’w  35’h curtain was gently lowered onto a protective covering on the floor and the iWeiss crew went to work – 10 hands sewing and stitching including hand sewing a new fire retardant liner to the back for additional protection and stability. 

The Silver Code is now good for another 45 years.

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