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boston conservatory winch rigging

The Boston Conservatory has undertaken a complete renovation of its backstage area in order to convert it from an all counterweight house to a motorized rigging system. I. Weiss provided and installed 15 variable speed PowerLift® hoists (180 fpm, 1,250 lb. capacity) for scenery and electric sets. The hoists are controlled by a SceneControl® 500 rigging control system providing accurate, repeatable positioning, and load sensing. The console has 3D graphic views. PowerLift® and SceneControl® manufactured by J.R. Clancy.

IWEISS also installed a motorized brail-style fire curtain, a manual hand crank set, two counterweight sets and a pit filler, and outfitted five studios with pipe grids, tracks and curtains.


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January 10, 2019

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