Footlocker – 34th Street

footlocker banner automation

IWEISS was contracted by Coloredge Visual to furnish and install a motorized PileHoistsystem to operate a pipe batten with a 30’ tall banner in the storefront window of the new Footlocker on 34th street in New York City. The motorized system will allow Footlocker to lower and exchange the banner on a monthly basis within the tight constraints of a 20’ wide but only 18 inches deep window display area. Consisting of a yo-yo-drum winch and individual loft blocks for three lift lines, this PileHoist system has a vertical travel of up to 95’. A push button control station was installed on the lower level of the building so that the operator can observe the pipe batten while it is being raised or lowered. The banner was supplied by Coloredge Visual.


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January 11, 2019

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Footlocker – 34th Street