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Dead Hung Rigging

Dead Hung Rigging typically consists of steel pipe battens, individually hung or as a grid, suspended from the ceiling structure without the ability to move up and down. These battens can be suspended with cable, chain or threaded rod (see suspension hardware) and are used to hang curtain track, curtains, lights, or scenery. This type of rigging is perfect for lower ceiling heights and tighter budgets. The disadvantage is that for maintenance work it is necessary to get up to the batten as opposed to having the batten come to you.



Whether your are looking for a single stage batten or a whole pipe grid system, we provide all the euqipment you need - pipe, splices, cross connectors, wall attachments, pipe clamps and more.

Our #40 Steel pipe can be purchased mill finish as is - or powder coated black. You can purchase the splice or we can cut and prep your pipe and pre-attach the inner sleeve splices at an additional charge for easier and quicker installation.


Pipe Clamp

A piece of rigging hardware, consisting of two pieces of metal bolted around a pipe batten with a hole for the attachment of a hanging chain, turnbuckle assembly or rope.



We are a stocking distributor for various types of stage and studio curtain track manufactured by H & H Specialties, from standard duty steel track and curveable aluminum I-beam track to heavy duty solutions for extra large, heavy or long curtains. Each track type has several different complete system models that include specific components for specific functions. You can choose from motorized and rope operated track, as well as walk-along models that do not include rope or pulleys. Some models include stronger carriers, and larger pulleys to facilitate the movement of large and heavy curtains.



ViaTraveler is a zero fleet winch designed for moving horizontal loads up to 60 feet. This unit has been specifically manufactured to work in conjunction with all standard stage curtain tracks. Its zero fleet capability permits close placement of unit to pulleys and eliminates concern with fleet angles. Its closed loop design allows for bi-direction motion of any horizontal movement. In addition ViaTraveler can be installed in any orientation and has one of the smallest cubic areas on the market.  

ViaTraveler is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use curtain draw machine that offers a cost-effective solution for most motroized curtiains.


Suspension Hardware

Suspension hangers are the hardware assemblies that suspend pipe or curtain track from the overhead structure.

The hangers are comprised of different elements, depending on the ceiling conditions and the objects being suspended. We will be happy to discuss your application, identify the proper components for the best installation, and confirm pricing for you.

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