Fire Curtains

Fire Safety Curtains

Most cities and states require a proscenium fire safety curtain in theaters, school auditoriums and other public performance spaces under the International Building Code (IBC).
These system are typically designed in three basic styles available. Which one is right for your space depends on the size of your theater, your stage architecture, and your local building and fire codes. Fire curtains are a fiberglass fabric that can be supplied in black or tan material that passes all standards for ASTM E-119, ASTM E-84.
IWEISS has designed, manufactured and installed complete fire safety curtain systems all over the country and are able to help with your new construction or renovation. See the below for the primary system designs and call one of our office staff for further assistance.

Straight Lift Curtain

A Straight Lift Fire Curtain is used in theaters where the area above the proscenium is equal to or greater than the overall height of the proscenium (standard fly loft). The curtain is stored as a straight panel above the proscenium.
This type of curtain is historically rigged for manual operation using counterweight. However today’s standard calls for these systems to be motorized operation.

Brail Lift Curtain

In theaters where the space above the proscenium is less than the proscenium opening a brail curtain is used. This curtain is stored in “small folds” in a accordion-like manner (similar to a Venetian Curtain), which takes up the least amount of space. This type of curtain requires a winch for lifting.

Framed Lift Curtain

A Framed Lift Fire Curtain is straight lift curtain that is wrapped around a steel frame construction. In theaters where the overall proscenium opening is larger than most spaces in width and in height these system will be required. A general rule of thumb is if the proscenium opening is larger than 930 square feet a frame fire curtain will be required. The steel frames allow for the curtain to be supported from the wind load that is created in the event of a fire.
The base weight of these curtain systems start at 8,000lbs and can go up to over 40,000lbs in weight pending the design parameters. The rigging of these curtain systems require the use of a winch and a counterweight to assist in the large out of balance load.

Fire Safety Fabric

Our fire safety curtains are made of high temperature coated fiberglass material. They meet or exceed most if not all current standard building codes. This material is available in beige or black. Where necessary a stainless steel wire will be woven into the cloth for added strength.

Applicable Codes:

  • UBC

  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • BOCAI/BOCA National

Heat Stop Borders

Heat Borders are used around stage lighting to protect against fire. Heat Stop Borders are made of the same fiberglass fabric with temperature coating as our Fire Safety Curtains without wire insert. They meet or exceed all applicable fire and safety codes.
Manufactured horizontally, vertically or in combination styles, these Borders provide protection from high-intensity stage lighting. The standard Border has reinforced edging, #4 grommets and black ties.
The following is a selection of commonly requested sizes. However, we can custom fabricate heat stop borders to any size. Please contact our sales department to request a quote.
TIP: 10′ wide sections provide the greatest level of flexibility. They can be used individually for specific lights, or multiple panels can be combined to make a wider border as needed.

Fire Safety Products

Clincher Winch

The Clincher Winch is a simple drive cable winch used for the operation and release of a Fire Safety system.
The unit has a helically grooved steel drum for 5/16″ aircraft cable with a travel capacity of 60ft. The Clincher Winch has all moving components and an adjustable hydraulic governor enclosed
inside a small formed steel housing.
The winch can be supplied in single or three phase and has a 4 cam rotary limit. The motor control cabinet and a three button wall mount control station are provided separately.


Working Load Limit: upt ot 1,500 lbs
Lift Lines: 1/4″ or 5/16″ wire rope
Speed: 30ft/min (powered operation)
Drum: 8″ helically grooved with 60ft travel capacity
Limit: One 4-cam rotary
Brakes: Motor brake
Power: 125V, 20A up to 1.5Hp (208/480 Beyond)
Unit Dimensions: 2″ wide x 13″ deep x 19″ tall
Attachments: base angles/side angles/top clew tie-off
Frame: Formed steel housing
Release: Built-in hydraulic speed governor for controlled descent.

Fire Curtain Release

Fire Curtain Release Station is an all in one device to allow for easy release of safety fire curtain systems with a perimeter enclosure.


Release trip handle allows for direct connection to ‘cut-line’
Supplied enclosure is a light gauge steel body
Reversible door for easy operation
Enclosures are power coated red
Face plate with labeling as shown


Fire Stop: An electromagnet release system for smoke hatches and fire safety curtain systems.


120v Input power
5hr battery backup power supply
Power / battery / normal operation LED indicator lights
Track guided release pulley
Normally open or closed contacts
Rated for up to 80 lbs of tension
Audible AC power loss alarm
UL Listed

Smoke Steel

Vertical Guide (Smoke) Pockets:
Partial enclosures on both sides of the proscenium opening that protect the edges and guides of a fire safety curtain system.


¼” “Z” Form vertical guide with 18” capture plate
3/8” splice plates
2” x 1½” base mounting angle
All holes slotted for ease of installation
Painted black finish


5ft and 10ft sections
6” – 12” deep “Z” bases
Cable, track and knife guides

Lt Duty Mule Block

The Lt Duty Mule Block is used is for diverting cable in various directions.
The housing can be an anchored structure or U-bolted to pipe. The housing is a steel form with a nylon ball-bearing sheave. The single line sheave is designed to support 300 lbs at 3/16” cable. Multiple-line sheaves are also available.


Rigid mounted sheave assembly
3.5” nylon diameter 3/16” sheave
Working load limit of 500 lbs
Sheave can be mounted in two orientations
All steel construction

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