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Hoist Options



A line shaft winch hoist is a self-contained unit with separate drums for each lift line. In between the drums are shafts that connect to a motor. Since the lift line goes directly to the load, there is no need for head or loft blocks and the wall or floor space they require. This makes line shaft winches ideal for renovations in which there isn't much space or enough steel frame work to handle side loading.


T-Drum Winch

T-Drum Winch, is a U.S. manufactured multi-line drum winch. This winch is designed with an 8:1 safety factor and engineered for 2 to 6 lift lines. Utilizing 1/4" air craft cable on a 12" helically grooved drum with pinch roller and travel capable of up to 75ft of travel per line.

T-Drum comes as a standard welded steel frame unit, gearmotor with primary brake, and a secondary load brake. Safety features are two 4-cam rotary limit switches allowing for ultimate positions, up/down and four mid positions, options are available for an absolute encoder for constant positioning control. Our standard soft start/stop motor control starter cabinet is supplied and any of our control stations are available for user interface control.



ViaWinch is a self-contained motorized winch with an 8:1 safety factor designed for overhead lifting with redundant braking. It is rated for various line pulls utilizing a ¼" drive line on a grooved drum with a travel of 70' and a range of speeds to suit all your lifting needs. An on-board starter cabinet allows the use of a plug-in pendant for operation, soft start/soft stop and a power requirement of 120v 20 amps at the winch. ViaWinchis specifically constructed to be mounted in various orientations for a variety of uses, including a deck winch, clew-winch, or grid-mounted point hoist. With its compact size and weight it is a portable unit.  



The PileHoist is a yo-yo drum winch that comes in various configurations of lift lines, speeds and loads.  Taking into account the installation process, we pre-wire and test our winches to insure proper operation and minimize field time. Regardless of the device being fixed or variable speed, the drive cabinet comes pre-installed.

Our PileHoist gives the user a clean, tight fitting unit to perform multiple tasks. It allows up to a total of 10 lifting cables and loads up to 1,000 pounds for utmost flexibility. 


Clincher Winch

The Clincher Winch is a simple drive cable winch used for the operation and release of a Fire Safety system.

The unit has a helically grooved steel drum for 5/16" aircraft cable with a travel capacity of 60ft. The Clincher Winch has all moving components and an adjustable hydraulic governor enclosed in side a small formed steel housing.  



The ViaTraveler is a zero fleet winch designed for moving horizontal loads up to 60 feet. This unit has been specifically manufactured to work in conjunction with all standard stage curtain tracks. Its zero fleet capability permits close placement of unit to pulleys and eliminates concern with fleet angles. Its closed loop design allows for bi-direction motion of any horizontal movement. In addition ViaTraveler can be installed in any orientation and has one of the smallest cubic areas on the market.  



If you are a school, house of worship, or theater in need of theatrical or architectural lighting instruments, but your ceiling or building structure is not accessible - then the ViaLift is for you.

The ViaLift raises and lowers lighting instruments very simply at the touch of a button, thereby eliminating the need for lifts, ladders, catwalks, and expensive crew time for simple lighting maintenance work.

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