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How to Order

In figuring the length of track, be sure to take into account extra track for stacking on both off-stage sides, and for center overlap if applicable (bi-part). 10% to 15% is usually adequate.

We can put together a complete package for you if you specify the model number, the total length of track, and -- if rope operated -- the distance between floor and track.

For example:

Bi-Part - rope operated:
28' of Track in two 14' sections (for bi-part), 12' high

One way draw - "walk along":
35' of Track "walk-along"-straight.

There are two basic track layouts, a bi-part system in two sections with a center overlap, and a single section system/one way draw.

It is important to specify which you want as the components of the two layouts differ.  Carriers are always supplied 12" on center. Additional carriers can be provided, but are not included in the Complete System Price.

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