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I-Beam Clamps

Sliding Jaw Beam Clamp

The Mega-Beam Clamp is a low profile sliding jaw design that allows you to secure your load as close to the I-Beam as possible. The spring loaded handle locks after adjustment. Aluminum construction is half the weight of steel units and has a wider gripping range.

The 8" model has a 3 ton rating. The two aircraft aluminum jaws are adjusted on the 3/4"-6 tpi Acme threaded shaft. Fastens from 2 inch to 8 inch wide I-beam flanges up to 1" thick. The 16" model has a 6000 pound rating and fastens from 3 inch to 16" wide I-beam flanges up to 1" thick.

Mega-Beam Clamp, 16", Aluminum Finish
WLL = 6000 lbs. Fastens from 3 inch to 16 inch beam flanges
Also Available in Anodized Black

Mega-Beam Clamp, 8", Aluminum Finish
WLL = 3 tons. Fastens from 2" to 8" beam flanges.
Also Available in Anodized Black

Fixed Beam Clamp


For cable or chain attachment. Provides support at beam's center.


 Fixed Beam Clamp - Type 2

WLL= 700 lbs  
Comes with nut and bolt.
This clamp is made to order. Prices vary with order quantity and clamp size. Flange width (A) and thickness (B) must be provided for a quote.

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