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Manual Counterweight Rigging

Manually Operated Rigging adds the ability to lower and raise pipe battens by counterbalancing the load with an arbor loaded with counterweight (steel plates). This is typically called Counterweight Rigging and requires manual operation of each line set. A line set consists of a steel pipe batten suspended from lifting cables which pass over loft block sheaves, then over the head block at one side of the stage and down to the counterweight arbor. The key with manual rigging is balance. While a properly balanced load is extremely safe, an improperly balanced load poses great danger. This system requires a trained and experienced operator and strict safety precautions.

In a Single Purchase Counterweight Set the weight and travel distance of the loaded batten equals the weight and travel distance of the properly loaded arbor. These sets are simple to install and operate, and are very efficient.

In buildings where space for vertical travel of the arbor is not sufficient for single purchase sets to operate, the counterweight side of the system can be double purchased. This is a condition that requires twice the amount of weight on the arbor side. However, only one foot of arbor travel is required for each two feet of batten travel. Double purchase systems are very useful in some situations, but they are more expensive and more difficult to install.




A moveable rigid carriage assembly and inclusive guides that holds weights to counterbalance a load.


Guide Rail

A means of guiding the counterweight arbor throughout its travel in the vertical plane, the guide rail prevents horizontal or twisting motions of the arbor. 


Lock Rail

A structural railing that supports the rope locks.



Pin Rail

A rigidly mounted railing and its associated supports, with holes designed to accept belaying pins. Used in tying off rope and sandbag rigging lines and transfer the unbalanced system loads to the building structure. 


Rope Lock

A device attached to the lock rail that uses adjustable cams to grip the operating line of a counterweight rigging system.  The handle and locking ring allow for the operating line to be locked or released. 


Index Light

A high quality 2 circuit dimmable LED unit - white for work light in any area of the stage; blue for lock rail or pin rail running lights.  Units are available in 4' and 8' long sections and come with extruded rails on two sides for flexible mounting configurations.  Index strip lights and wall mounted controls are UL listed. 


Head Block

The stationary sheave or block assembly directly above the counterweight arbor or pin rail. The head block permits lift lines to change direction. In wire rope systems, the head block is also grooved to allow the purchase line to change direction by 180 degrees. 


Loft Block

The overhead block thorugh which one or more lift lines pass before being attached to the load being lifted or supported.



Mule Block

A supplementary block located between the head and loft blocks, designed for the specific purpose of changing the direction of the line travel. 


Floor Block

Designed to remove slack from a purchase line, prevent the purachse line from twisting in its travel, and from rubbing against wire ropes, structural framing, and adjoining equipment. 



Due to ever changing steel prices our pipe pricing may vary with every order. Please call or email for current pricing!


Suspension Hardware

Suspension hangers are the hardware assemblies that suspend pipe or curtain track from the overhead structure.



We are a stocking distributor for various types of stage and studio curtain track manufactured by H & H Specialties, from standard duty steel track and curveable aluminum I-beam track to heavy duty solutions for extra large, heavy or long curtains. Each track type has several different complete system models that include specific components for specific functions. You can choose from motorized and rope operated track, as well as walk-along models that do not include rope or pulleys. Some models include stronger carriers, and larger pulleys to facilitate the movement of large and heavy curtains. All track and components are sold individually or, for your convenience, as complete systems. The latter are sold on a per foot basis.



The ViaTraveler is a zero fleet winch designed for moving horizontal loads up to 60 feet. This unit has been specifically manufactured to work in conjunction with all standard stage curtain tracks. Its zero fleet capability permits close placement of unit to pulleys and eliminates concern with fleet angles. Its closed loop design allows for bi-direction motion of any horizontal movement. In addition ViaTraveler can be installed in any orientation and has one of the smallest cubic areas on the market.  

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