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Pipe Grids

Image Title: Boston Conservatory
Boston Conservatory

We install deadhung theatrical or studio lighting pipe grids of all shapes and sizes.

Although pipe grids can vary with every project, a basic pipe grid is comprised of #40 1-1/2" steel pipe battens in two levels. The upper level or primary pipe is usually suspended from building structure. The lower level or secondary pipe is attached to the upper pipe battens with grid cross connectors. Though the spacing of the battens can be adjusted to your specific needs, a good, versatile average is 4' x 4'. If possible, the grid should be secured to the walls to prevent lateral movement or for stabilization. 

Our pipe grid packages represent some of the most frequently requested grid sizes, but we can price any custom grid size or grid configuration you need. Simply contact our sales department with your specifications for pricing.

Pipe Grid Packages

Theatrical or Studio Lighting - Pipe Grid Packages include the following:

  • 4’ x 4’ Matrix
  • #40 1-1/2" Steel Pipe - Matte Black Pipe
  • Pipe cut to size as indicated in the package
  • Splices as indicated
  • Grid cross connector clamps (every member around perimeter, every other member on grid interior)
  • 4 Wall stabilizers or wall flanges for corners. Extras can be added to the package as needed.
  • Suspension point placement is based on a point every 7' OC, and includes (1) pipe clamp and (1) turnbuckle per point. Additional suspension hardware can be added based on your specifications.

Note:  Pipe grid packages include pipe lengths up to 21'. If you cannot maneuvre 21' lengths in your space, pipe can be supplied at shorter lengths (specified by you). Additional splices will have to be added.

Call or Email today for current pricing!

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