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Safety Information

Suspension Hardware Safety Information

All attachments must be made of suitable material, size and strength to provide adequate safety and protection.

It should be noted that any attachment assembly is only rated as high as its weakest component.

All attachments and materials must be properly installed. iWeiss and Sons assumes no responsibility for the misuse or misapplication of any rigging equipment.

All cable, rope, chain, and fittings are sold subject to the manufacturer's ratings, and proper use instructions.

The Working Load Limit (WLL) or Safe Working Load (SWL) is the maximum load for each individual rigging component. Under no circumstances should this limit be exceeded.

In working overhead in theaters, safety ratings vary based on each individual application. iWeiss lists WLL as per the manufacturer's specifications. It is the responsibility of the end user / installer to ensure that the proper size and rating of the hardware being used is adequate for the application at hand.

A Shock Load is a sudden change in the load on the attachments or line (i.e. equipment being stopped out of a free fall). Any item that has been exposed to a shock load should be removed from service immediately and replaced.

Lifting off-axis of line center (diagonal lift as opposed to straight lift) reduces the capacity of all involved components, and should be figured into the overall design of any rig.

iWeiss recommends that anyone entrusted to safely oversee the rigging in theaters and arenas be E.T.C.P. Certified.

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