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According to the Fire Department of the City of New York statistics, this is the number of structural fires that occurred citywide in 2018. Although fire is a dangerous and unfortunate hazard in any building-in places of public assembly, the threat of casualties and devastation can multiply exponentially.

It is for this very reason various organizations nationwide and internationally, including the Fire Department of the City of New York and California State Fire Marshall, mandate stringent fire safety code and regulation when it comes to the theatrical decoration in your place of public assembly. Namely, they make it your responsibility by law to ensure all fabric and draperies are certifiably fire retardant.

IWEISS operates one of the most well respected flameproofing divisions in this industry, providing flameproofing services for soft goods and draperies to Broadway, touring productions, schools, and studios in excess of 25 years. We have traveled the US and abroad and are proud to boast a perfect record.

No item treated by IWEISS has ever failed a fire department inspection.

Flameproofing Services

IWEISS flameproofing technicians are fully certified by the Fire Department of the City of New York and the Office of the California State Fire Marshal.

While our standard affidavits reflect NYC rules and regulations, NYC affidavits are accepted in almost every state. Please check with your local Fire Department. Affidavits reflecting California codes can be issued upon request.

On-Site Flameproofing

A certified technician will come to your facility and spray your curtains while they are hanging. In most cases this can be done in one day or a few hours. However, you should allow at least two weeks to schedule an appointment. We will meet your needs as much as possible in case of an emergency, but we cannot guarantee that services are immediately available.


Pricing can vary greatly with location, size of job, possible hours of treatment etc. Please contact our flameproofing department for a quotation.

To expedite your request, please have the following information available:

Curtain Sizes-width x height
Flat or Pleated?
Do any curtains have lining?
Fabric types
Fringe or other appliqué?

Flameproofing Request

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