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Legs & Supports

SC9600 Bridge Support

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The SC9600 Bridge Support System “bridges” platforms from right to left and front to back. The SC9600 Bridge Support System consists of two end frames that lock together with both horizontal and diagonal snap bracing. Also included are four top plates in single, dual or quad node design. The SC9600 is available in fixed or adjustable heights and in two versions: Arena style and All-terrain style. The Arena style SC9600 adjusts with interior tubes that telescope upward from the top of the frame. This design allows the platform height to be adjusted quickly, often with the frames still in place. The All-terrain style SC9600 is great for outdoor use on uneven ground. The interior tubes, which telescope downward from the bottom of the frame, allow each of the legs to be set at different heights.

SC90 Adjustable Height Leg

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The SC90 Adjustable Leg Supports, used with the SC90 and SC97 Platforms, have bracing and leg clamps available for extra stability and rigidity at higher elevations. They can be used with the most challenging custom applications on stages and seating riser systems.

SC100 Folding Bridge Frame

SC100 Folding Bridge Frame, also referred to as a C-Frame, is a functional frame that provides bridging between platforms. The frame, which is available in fixed and adjustable heights, folds flat and is also self-contained. Custom sizes are available and allow you to use the SC100 with the SC90 Single Side Platform or the SC97 All-Aluminum Platform.

SC2000 Seating Riser Support

The SC2000 Seating Riser is perfect for facilities that have flexible seating needs. The key features of the SC2000 are its quick setup, flexible configurations, and compact storage. The understructure unfolds like an accordion and expands to fill the designated space. Only two people are required for setup and custom sizes are available to fit into even the most unusual spaces. When you don’t need the additional seating, the SC2000 folds into 15% of its expanded size and easily rolls away on retractable casters for storage.

Relia System

Staging Concepts’ new Relia System is a fully customizable staging solution with limitless design options. Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, this system is light weight, offers few moving parts and is extremely durable. Adjustable or fixed height options are available and the entire assembly is compatible with the SC9600 bridge support system. 


  • Decreased labor costs. “Quick-Strike” design and easy-to-lift lightweight aluminum construction reduce set up /tear down time.
  • Improved access and storage below deck. Up to 16′ span allows fewer supports for additional egress and storage space.
  • Maximized inventory. Relia System is fully compatible with the SC9600 bridge support system.

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