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Hampers & Accessories

Our hampers come standard with a canvas or vinyl basket covering, rubber swivel casters, snap and chain fasteners, and a 1/2″ plywood lid. Caster donuts are optional. Individual components can be changed as needed.

Hamper lids are now shipped standard detached from the baskets, which allows us to store them safely inside the topmost unit of a bundle and decreases the risk of damage during transit considerably. Once they arrive at the destination the lids can be easily attached with hardware provided by us. More details.

You can still choose to have IWEISS attach the lids to your hampers prior to shipping, but we advise against it. If you choose to ship your hampers with attached lids, IWEISS cannot be held responsible for any damage to the lids.

Canvas Hampers

Our canvas hampers come in two sizes

  • 20 Bushel
  • 16 Bushel


Donuts are used when stacking hampers on top of each other. They keep the casters of the top hamper from rolling off of the bottom hamper.

Canvas Bags

Our canvas bags come in three sizes

  • Small: 1′-6″w x 3′-6″l
  • Medium: 2′-6″w x 5′-0″l
  • Large: 3′-6″w x 5′-0″l
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